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Why Choose Sparkle Restoration for Concrete Restoration?

With over 25years in the concrete restoration and resurfacing industry we have proven to be the specialists you can trust with integrity and high standards one expects.  From beginning to end, it has always been our goal to satisfy the most discriminating of clients.

In 1977 after getting his feet wet in the concrete resurfacing industry, John Keppler had a vision for the future.  Owning and operating a business in the concrete restoration field.

He learned his craft from a well renowned company in Orange County but felt the company he worked for lacked the personal touch needed for true success.
In 1990 with a vision and a substantial amount of experience under his belt, he broke away and started Sparkle Restoration.  Now with hundreds of jobs throughout Southern California, he has proven that personal service is required for true success, we never subcontract and all of our jobs are installed by our own trained technicians using the finest of materials and advanced technology to guarantee quality and consistent workmanship in all resurfacing and restoration projects.

Sparkle Restoration
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